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About Rhonda Kim

About Rhonda Kim

Rhonda is a writer, performer, foreign language speaker, and traveler who loves to make people laugh.  Learn more about her below.  

Rhonda Kim of Rhonda Kim Writes Freelance Writer

Rhonda Kim has been writing since she was old enough to put pen to paper. At 9 years old, she penned a make-believe newspaper about the goings-on in her apartment building in Brooklyn, New York. She eventually moved on to poetry, short stories, and hilarious song parodies, which spoofed everything from her high school math class to celebrities to Rhonda's jobs.  


As an adult, Rhonda discovered the joys of performing improvisational comedy, in which she mastered the art of writing scenes, stories and songs while she was acting and singing in them.  Her quick wit and wonderful sense of humor combined with her improv skills to help Rhonda make audiences laugh for years. 


Rhonda started to find that countless friends and colleagues would seek her out for help in writing their emails, resumes, and everything else they wanted written with sophistication and flair. This sparked the idea to form her own writing service, where Rhonda could capitalize on her ability and help others in the process.  


In her leisure, Rhonda Kim enjoys traveling all over the world and the US, and one of her all-time passions is learning foreign languages (she speaks Spanish, as well as some French and Italian - learning German), as well as language itself.  As a professional freelance writer, Rhonda has had the pleasure of working with people and companies both domestic and international. She loves being able to create great work for appreciative clients and draw upon her immense talent, as well as her experiences working in the Hotel industry in Times Square, New York City.




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